Monday, January 22, 2018

MeiMei Fine Teas: Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea Pomelo Flower Fragrance (You Hua Xiang), A Tea Review

Name: Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea Pomelo Flower Fragrance (You Hua Xiang)

Company: MeiMei Fine Teas

Type of Tea: Dancong Oolong, from Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong, China

Description of Dry Leaf: Wiry and long leaves, dark with a bit of a reddish edge to some of them. Once steeped they get a bit of green to them.

Aroma of Leaf: Oh that is delightful! It smells like ripe and very juicy fruit (specifically grapes, plums, and cherries) with a strong floral note of citrus flowers and plumeria. Dancongs always have a knack of bringing to mind half buried memories and distant recollections of gardens and incense.

Aroma of Tea: Sweet, sweet nectar! Oh man, sniffing this tea is dangerous, I am one false move away from getting my nose full of tea. It smells of blooming citrus trees, honeysuckle, gardenia, and of course various stone fruit that have been stewed to perfection.

Preparation Style: Is anyone surprised I gongfu'd this tea up? Used an antique super thin porcelain cup and my vintage 90ml shui ping yixing that has an identity crisis and has been used for a bunch of teas, finally settled on Dancongs! Used my standard 195 F (seriously I think I use that for everything except greens, even then sometimes) with a heavy leaf to water ratio and lightning fast steeps.

Taste: So, MeiMei Fine Teas sent me a few Dancongs to review back when I was just doing tasting notes on Instagram, but this one was by far my favorite. I am obsessed with any teas that even hint at tasting like citrus flowers (I keep a large bottle of orange blossom water around that I add to so many desserts) and this tea certainly does. I would say it is a very warm taste, like someone made guava and orange blossom almond cookies and handed them to me fresh out of the oven, it is one of those teas that when I drink I just kinda melt into my chair. Later steeps bring notes of plumeria meaning that I am once again reminded of gardens and incense (ok fine, specifically my old house in Georgia) plumeria flowers are one of the main ingredients in the ever popular Nag Champa blend along with sandalwood and sometimes you can see why it makes me think of incense. This has possibly become one of my favorite Dancongs edging out Da Wu Ye and Yashi Xiang.

Oddball Notes: That teapot deserves a mention, it has been used for very young Sheng, bright green floral oolongs, oriental beauty, and in one occasion a floral dianhong. I am glad it finally settled on a tea it seems content with, especially since I had been grumbling around trying to find the perfect pot for Dancongs for a while now. Also I just learned, do not pair this tea with Chocolate Brioche, something there doesn't work and it ends up tasting like avocados.

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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