Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Breakfast Teas! Greenmax Cereals, a 'Tea' Review

It has been over a year since I visited my favorite all purpose Asian store, International 888, the giant mall sized mostly grocery store where I get most my non-Indian food (they have very little Indian stuff, luckily I have a fantastic Indian market that I go to so much they have started to recognize me there and give recommendations on Indian serials to watch, which is awesome) Anyway, I desperately needed stuff, mostly some herbs and teas (got a bag of Oksusucha big enough to last me the next year) but also some instant cereals. For those who didn't raise me or live with me, I shall let you in on a secret, I hate really hate it. Not sure if it is because a lifetime of stomach woes and nausea or just general contrariness, but I cannot stand eating unless I have been awake at least an hour, but I am totally ok with drinking things. Lately I have been bad at that though, just going straight to pounding back tea on an empty stomach and have...ahem...given myself some issues, so I decided to pick up some of my favorite 'instant breakfasts' while at International 888. Sadly they were out of my favorite Purple Yam and Black Soybean blend, so I picked up two new ones and thought, hey, blog time! I used the Amazon link for these, as the Greenmax store doesn't have an actual store function, but Amazon is super over priced, check your local Asian market first where they are usually around $5 a package.

Almond Tea with Hazelnuts

This is a blend of almond, milk powder, cashew, jelly fungus, hazelnut, yam, walnut, and some secondary ingredients of sugar, vitamins, and minerals. It is a very nutty nutty, so very very nutty. And also very very sweet, a combination of these nuts being super sweet on their own and the addition of sugar made this taste pretty much like candy in liquid form. The texture is a bit grainy, and kinda needs to be nibbled a bit or it makes me cough, not too bad but I do wish it had been pulverized a bit more. I also wish it would not have been quite so sweet, I think in future I might get a bigger mug (uhh, big mugs are not a favorite of mine) but that is way over the 200ml recommended amount of water. Really like the taste but man I wish it was less sweet, it is however very filling which is nice!

Black Sesame Cereal 

This one is a blend of sugar, black sesame, wheat flour, glucose, oat, guar gum, nutritional additives, minerals, black soybeans, rye, black glutinous rice, brown rice, buckwheat, brown sugar, adlay (job's tears), wheat germ, and yam. You know, for something with three different kinds of sugar you would expect this one to be the sweetest, but it is not, it is much milder in the sweetness department. The taste is great, if you love sesame seeds, which I do, then it is perfect, if not then you might want to skip this one. Black sesame seeds are a lot stronger than the white ones, being both more earthy and nutty, and they are one of my favorite ingredients in baking! The texture is fun, it is thick and gooey with very little grainy texture, so I never had to chew and could just chug it. This one was definitely my favorite!

These were purchased by me (ok technically Ben, but he does not care if I review them)

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