Sunday, February 11, 2018

Eco-Cha: Heirloom Wuyi Black Tea, a Tea Club Review

Name: Heirloom Wuyi Black Tea

Company: Eco-Cha, June 2016 Tea Club Box

Type of Tea: Black tea made from Wuyi plants that were grown in Taiwan in very organic conditions.

Description of Dry Leaf: long and wiry with dark reds and browns, it didn't want to fit in my display dish!

Aroma of Leaf: A bit sharp and a bit sweet, the leaves do not have the strongest aroma ever when they are dry, but what is there is intriguing. Notes of cocoa pods, honey, and a bit of fruit wood. Brewed, there is a lot more going on, it is still a bit woody and brisk, but now there are notes of sweet cumin biscuits, honey, and cocoa with a slight underlying note of toasted grains.

Aroma of Tea: Faint but sweet, honey and cocoa with a touch of stewed plums and a bit of woody briskness.

Preparation Style: Gongfu with my all purpose (mostly dark teas)Tokoname clay kyusu and a my leaf cup with very pretty glaze. 195 F water 30,60,90s etc on steeping times.

Taste: SO this is fun, it does not so much taste like black tea at first, it tastes like warm buckwheat honey with a hint of cocoa powder! It was surprising in its thick sweetness, later in the steeping it becomes a bit more like the familiar tea taste with brisk fruit wood, a touch of malt, and a lingering taste of berries that have been drizzled in rich dark honey. It is not the most potent of teas, but it is smooth and nuanced, a tea I am more likely to go for in the evening or afternoon rather than first thing in the morning when I am too tired to process nuances.

Oddball Notes: To the best of my knowledge you cannot buy this tea from Eco-Cha as it was part of their club, but you might be able to acquire it if you email them. Their club is pretty cool, I was a member for two years (only stopped because I am drowning in tea) and never regretted it or disliked a tea I was sent. I miss being a member of the tea club and hope I can actually manage to drink enough tea to justify joining again!

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks so much for your review! Just want to let you and all tea geeks know that it is possible to buy some of our reserve stock from past batches of the Eco-Cha Tea Club. You can find what is still available by clicking on this link.
    Click on the drop down menu of the tea selection on that page to find a list of past batches shared with our tea club that we still have some left.
    And here is the link to the page with our blog posts about each batch of tea that we share with the Eco-Cha Tea Club: