Sunday, February 18, 2018

TeaBento: Super Spiny (Organic Superfine Keemun) A Tea Review

Name: Super Spiny (Organic Superfine Keemun)

Company: TeaBento

Type of Tea: A high quality Keemun black tea from Anhui, China

Description of Dry Leaf: Small yet full leaves with occasional gold trichomes, true to its name the look like little spines on a very dark hedgehog

Aroma of Leaf: Whoa this tea is complex with its aroma! Dark chocolate sourdough bread fresh out of the oven, a bouquet of roses in the other room, warm honey, a touch of cumin, cherry wood, juicy plums, and a lingering finish of malt. Honestly this kinda smells like how I want complete strangers to perceive my kitchen when they walk in it, just a wonderful blend of smells that evoke the feeling of warmth and happiness. Steeped the leaves emit pretty much the same aroma but with stronger chocolate bread and malt and less rose, smelling less like the idea kitchen and more like you know, a tea.

Aroma of Tea: The liquid itself is not as strong as the leaves, but it is quite pleasant with its chocolate bread and distant roses that have somehow magically been dipped in orange blossom honey, it is lovely and not at all overwhelming.

Preparation Style: Gongfu (honestly do I need to even say it at this point) with 195 F water, 100ml clay teapot (that pretty much only brews keemun and bailin gongfu at this point) with steeping times of 15,30,30,60,60 and so forth. This tea had staying power so I ended up at the end steeping it for five minutes to get every last bit of yum out.

Taste: First off let me clarify that staying power bit, most keemuns I have had go up to about six maybe seven steeps at the most, they tend not to be the all day events that some of my other black teas are...I think I met the exception. Eighteen steeps, granted the last ones were super light and steeped for a very long time, but this tea just kept giving, and I am so happy about that because this tea is good like really good. Immensely sweet and chocolately (hello chocolate bread!) rich orange blossom honey and malt, delicate roses and plums, a touch of cherry wood and cumin, and a resinous myrrh finish and aftertaste of malt and honey that just does not go away. The mouthfeel is very delicate too which I liked, it felt like the tea was dancing in my mouth, so light and floaty with a slightly slick lingering mouthfeel. For all its long lasting taste, it is a wonderfully mellow tea, the kind of tea I am happy spending a long afternoon painting with (*sniffles* I miss painting, I am so ready to be done with this move and the long tedium of packing) or just sitting and focusing on the tea. Don't tell anyone, but this might be my new favorite keemun, hah, and here I thought my search for the best keemun was over!

Oddball Notes: So everyone needs to take a moment out of their day to explore TeaBento's website. I am doing something I rarely if ever do and including their product photos as an example of why you need to go look at it. They have managed to make the cutest website, displaying each tea in the shape of an is adorable and genius! As you can tell I am a fan of this company and again, I can't wait til this move is done so I can go back to ordering tea!!! They have so many I want to try!!
From the TeaBento Website

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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