Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Haagen Dasz: Green Tea Ice Cream, A Snack Review

I am frequently rather jealous of Japan, tea is more of a cultural thing there so you get all sorts of snacks and random things (like toilet paper) infused with the stuff. It is much easier to go to the store and get green tea chocolate or snacks there, in the states you have to either go to a specialty store or order it...or so I thought. I was at my local generic grocery store (in KC that one is HyVee, or Hive as I pronounce it) trolling the ice cream section looking to fulfill a craving and saw it, the gloriousness, the tea flavored ice cream!

Apparently Haagen Dasz puts out Green Tea Ice Cream, not sure if this is new and jumping on the increasingly trendy Matcha bandwagon or if it has been out for a while, but it is my first time seeing it. I did not hesitate, I grabbed a container and tossed it in the cart, much to Ben(who got raspberry sorbet if anyone is curious)'s amusement. The ice cream is super minimalist with its ingredients, just cream, skim milk, egg yolk, cane sugar, and green tea, giving it that home-made feeling that I like from Haagen Dasz. No artificial colors or flavors, so any tea I am tasting is just tea and not, well, crap. I am a little more lenient with artificial flavors in junk food, but artificial coloring is a no go...much like the store this came from, I will break out in Hives if I eat much of it!

Since it is almost spring and the crocuses are out (and this is going to be my last spring seeing these particular crocuses) I decided to sit outside for a moment and eat some ice cream with my special ice cream spoon...yes I have a special spoon for ice cream, deal with it haters. The texture is really nice, very smooth and creamy, the color is a nice shade of olive green letting me know this is (as one expects) made with culinary grade and not dyed neon green. There is not a ton of a smell coming off this, just a bit of cream and a grassy green tea note.

I realize at this point that the ground is wet and 50F is maybe a bit too chilly for ice cream picnics, so after snapping a few pictures wander back inside for the actual tasting. The taste is great, sweet but not too sweet, creamy but not too rich, and matcha's green, nutty, grassy, and sweet notes all blend together well. It is pretty much identical to the ice cream filling part of the Matcha ice cream mochi I get at my local sushi place. The Matcha is not super strong, so if you wanted a green tea ice cream that tastes like a sweetened bowl of Koicha or a strong Matcha affogato then yeah, this is not the ice cream for you, but if you want your Matcha ice cream to taste more mellow then definitely get this one! I am so glad I took a chance and grabbed it, it is nice to know there is an ice cream I really like at a generic grocery store (my favorite all time ice cream is Kulfi and you just can't get that anywhere other than an Indian grocer) yay for Haagen Dasz!

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  1. My family bought this ice cream for me! I have been eating it by the teaspoon. I quite like it. It could have more matcha flavor but it's a nice sweet treat