Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ippin: Genmai-cha Tea w/ Black Soybean & Matcha, A Tea Review

Name Genmai-cha Tea w/ Black Soybean & Matcha via Kawamotoya

Company: Ippin

Type of Tea: Genmaicha made with Black Soybeans and Matcha

Description of Dry Leaf: Vibrantly green colored from the Matcha, with a lot of toasted rice, very heavy on the rice over the tea leaves

Aroma of Leaf: Nutty! You can really smell the rice and beans in this one, there are undertones of bright grassy green and sweet hay, it does a good job blending the green and the toasty rice notes. The beans add an extra note of starchy sweet and earthiness with just a hint of umami.

Aroma of Tea: It smells so green! Nice grassy umami notes blend with sweet fresh hay and lots of starchy and toasty grain notes, you don't really smell the beans but you can definitely smell the rice!

Preparation Style: Since it is a genmaicha and it seems like it is made with Bancha rather than Sencha, I flash steeped it at 195F using my Korean shiboridashi

Taste: Creamy! Oh this has a great creamy mouthfeel and taste from that Matcha, it is very green with a hint of umami at the front and the rest is just sweet creamy rice cakes and sweet freshly cut hay. The beans add a touch of earthy sweetness as well, as you would expect from toasted black soybeans. I found I really liked this tea once it had chilled a bit, it manages to get even sweeter like that and allows the bean taste to be a bit stronger. I think this is going to be a tea I drink a lot when it gets warmer, it just tastes like the kind of thing you want to make big batch of and then toss into a travel tea container and then go on a stroll with.

Oddball Notes: Sadly it only really goes for one steep, the Matcha gets all washed off in the first steep and the second is a pale comparison, granted if you love the taste of toasted rice you can get a second steep, but it is mostly just rice and a little tea at that point. This is probably my biggest complaint about Matcha covered Genmaicha, they never last long and if you want a second cup you need more leaves.

How I Acquired The Tea: sent for review

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