Sunday, March 18, 2018

Totealy: Zhushan Spring Classic, A Tea Review

Name: Zhushan Spring Classic

Company: Totealy

Type of Tea: Lightly roasted Si Ji Chung Oolong

Description of Dry Leaf: Dark and very tightly rolled, the leaves seem fairly small

Aroma of Leaf: Very sweet and very toasty, you can still tell this is a light roast but it is skirting the edge of what I consider light, and edging more into medium. It has a gentle spicebush blossom, toasted bread, chestnuts, honey, and a touch of orchids at the finish. I really like how it blends spice, floral, and toasted notes for a balanced aroma. Once steeped the leaves pick up a fantastic aroma of caramelized hazelnuts along with the other notes.

Aroma of Tea: The tea itself smells very nutty and gently spicy, like hazelnuts and chestnuts with undertones of spicebush and snickerdoodle cookies. Underneath these notes are gentle lily and orchid flowers.

Preparation Style: Gongfu style, used 195F water and steeping time of 30,60,90s (and so forth) using my Korean shiboridashi since it is currently the only gaiwan not packed up at the moment.

Taste: Really buttery and sweet! Like gently roasted chestnuts and sweet spicebush flowers and butter cookies. The roast is pretty mellow, allowing for gentle floral notes of orchid and lilies to shine through between the nutty notes. I sometimes think that these light to medium roast oolongs might be my favorite, since I tend to want green oolongs in the spring and summer and heavy roast in the fall and winter, these however I feel happy drinking anytime, since they blend the best of both worlds.

Oddball Notes: I have also on occasion enjoyed this tea grandpa style, it is pretty versatile with its steeping, taking longer or hotter steeps as well as cooler or shorter. If you get this tea, experiment with steeping, it is well worth it!

How I Acquired The Tea: Won it in a contest

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