Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What-Cha Tea Wednesday, An Adventure in Black Tea

I decided to revive an old tradition of the blog, What-Cha Tea Wednesday, I picked out three black teas I am rather fond of from my stash as a way to take a walk down memory lane. Of course, it is just my luck that all three of these teas are not in stock, oops. That is not going to stop me though! This nostalgia driven post is a great way celebrating my last Wednesday in my current house before I start my new life in a new state. Though I am a little sad since restocking these teas when they are gone is going to be impossible.

Korea Dong Cheon Sejak Dancha Black Tea

I actually bought this one by mistake, I tossed it into my cart instead of the Balhyocha and I am glad I did, because it is unique! First off, brewing this tea is a trick, the package says 176F for 30-45 seconds and I found going with very light leaves, 195F and flash steep works fine, but if you oversteep it the taste is weird, not bad but certainly odd. The aroma of the leaves is kinda like burnt beans, specifically it reminds me of the herbal tea Kuromamecha (black soybean tea) and a bit of cocoa nibs and spinach of all things. The taste is nothing like the smell, like at all, the taste is woody and the mouthfeel slippery, there is a hint of cocoa but mostly it is molasses, brown sugar, and roasted walnuts. Later steeps have a bit of a burnt sugar taste and a lingering finish of maple syrup, like I said, this is an odd tea. It does not really fit the same spot as balhyocha, but it is a fun black tea truly unlike any other I have had.

Nepal Golden Ring Black Tea

My love for fuzzy golden teas from Nepal is well known, so I shall skip right into the description rather than poetic waxing about how much I love them. The aroma of the leaves is great, classic Nepal gold with notes of muscadine grapes, malt, honey, peony flowers, and woody cocoa pods, the steeped tea smells much the same with a much stronger malt and molasses and a bit of a camphorous note as well. The taste is very crisp and clean, it is one of my favorite things about Nepalese teas, they always taste like pure mountain air....and malt, peony blossoms, chocolate, molasses, and honey. It is very sweet and crisp, and honestly pretty refreshing, this tea is one of my favorites to drink in the morning.

Guangdong Dan Cong Black Tea

To me, there is something magical about taking teas that are normally processed one way and making it into something else, it is a fun game to see how recognizable the tea still is. Like take this Dancong, will it still taste like fruit and flowers like you would expect from an oolong but with more of a hongcha flair? It is definitely fruity, the aroma of the leaves smell of roasted figs and plums, and these notes carry on into the taste and it is sooo good. This is the black tea for people who want their black tea mild and very sweet, a tea that I swear I can do just about anything to and it never goes bitter. Sadly if you were hoping for a floral quality like you get in a Dancong then it doesn't really happen, but man is it ever fruity, especially with those strong notes of figs! There are not enough teas that taste of figs, and this pleases me.

All these were bought by me!

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