Sunday, March 25, 2018

Yunnan Sourcing: Wu Yi Shan "Bai Ji Guan" Rock Oolong Tea Spring 2016

Name: Wu Yi Shan "Bai Ji Guan" Rock Oolong Tea Spring 2016

Company: Yunnan Sourcing

Type of Tea: Wuyi Yancha (rock tea) Oolong, also called Cockscomb Oolong

Description of Dry Leaf: Pale for a yancha, long wiry leaves with mottled deep green and yellow coloring amid light brown.

Aroma of Leaf: Sweet and fruity, notes of lychee and jujubes, peaches and Asian pear, with undertones of orchid and honeysuckle with a touch of a mineral note. Honestly you could easily mistake this tea for a Dancong just based on aroma.

Aroma of Tea: fruity and floral, notes of orchid, pears, lychee, and oddly enough butterscotch mix with undertones of minerals and the smell of the air after a summer rain storm.

Preparation Style: My absolute favorite way to drink this tea is bowl style/grandpa style. Just tossing a few leaves into a cup and refilling it with water, I am not a huge fan of doing this with other Yancha (the roast is a bit too much for me that way) but with this light (and usually rather expensive) tea it works great.

Taste: Before I get into the taste, let me mention that mouthfeel, it manages to be smooth and buttery while also having a juicy crispness like biting into a fresh pear, and I really like that. The taste is wonderful, like baked pears, fresh lychees, and spring water, it is light and wonderfully nectar like. As the leaves plump up more, floral notes appear, along with a slight earthiness. It lasts a long while steeping it the way I do, and it never seems to go bitter or gross like some teas can when bowl steeping.

Oddball Notes: I am writing this and drinking it between cleaning my poor neglected French Horn. I bought it a couple years ago at a thrift store for a steal (especially for a double) but the horn was locked up and need of some love that I am only now getting around to giving it. I admit I have some PTSD with playing music, and getting over it is slow going, but I am very excited to play again. This has nothing to do with the tea, but it is a funny bit of trivia.

How I Acquired The Tea: I bought it

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