Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Outside Tea, Window Views, and the Perils of Weather

I had the best idea for a blog post for today, I admit that I am not blogging as streamlined as I would like since I am all between housing at the moment and don't have the perfect tea area set up yet for crazy experiments, so I wanted to write about an awesome experience I had the other day. One of the truly amazing perks of where I am staying is the proximity to water, I swear I would sell one of my kidneys to not have to leave, but alas lakeside property will never be within my disabled grasp, but that doesn't mean I am not loving all of it now. The other day we had a break in winter storms for a few days in the high 50s (apparently the average snow days in April in Madison is 2, we have had more than that this year and I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT!!!!) so I took my sketchbook and a big glass of tea to sit on the dock and sketch. This experience was so great I thought I would replicate it for today's post...just needed to get some pictures (and do more sketching)

So I woke up and looked at the weather and...35F as the high. Not too bad, as long as it is not really windy and I have my earmuffs I am quite comfy being out in that temperature. I love the cold as long as my ears are warm, but I have to wear ear coverings if it is too windy during the summer or I get ear aches...silly sensitive little auricles. I then notice the 'winter weather alert' and then also notice that it is for today, and we are predicted to get up to 7 inches of snow. Well then...I don't think trying to sketch in the snow is a good idea, but I can still have tea out on my porch!

And now we come to the meat of the issue, outside tea is awesome...mostly. Tea in front of a window is also awesome...mostly. I find myself when outside having tea that I am more prone to pay attention to the world around me than the tea and then tend to lose some of the nuances of said tea, like why would I pay attention to the liquid in my cup when the liquid outside my window makes such tantalizing patterns to distract my mind...and hey, now there are coots...and wow look at the way the clouds reflect in my tea cup...and oh cool look at the how the wind changes the patterns of the waves. You see the problem! Either I have chugged my tea and not paid attention or it has gone cold because I was not paying attention, these things are fine when I am just having tea but not so good if I am trying to get tasting notes.

As I type this I am happily watching the snow, I cannot see the other side of the lake due to the fog and snow and it is otherworldly. When I have settled I find myself wondering if I will go back to my lighting controlled enclosed tea desk (which cats don't like running across) or set my tea tray up in front of the window, I suppose the greater question is this...what is more important, paying attention or enjoying the view?

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