Sunday, April 22, 2018

TeaKruthi: Cinnamon Chai, A Tea Review

NameCinnamon Chai

Company: TeaKruthi

Type of Tea: Ceylon Black tea from the Ruhuna region and Ceylon cinnamon

Description of Dry Leaf: Curly medium length leaves with surprisingly large chunks of cinnamon scattered through

Aroma of Leaf: Spicy! The cinnamon is strong, but since it is real cinnamon the aroma is quite sweet. The tea itself is malty and robust with notes of molasses and fruit.

Aroma of Tea: Malty and fruity, like dried apples and juicy plums with molasses and a nice warm, strong note of cinnamon.

Preparation Style: I have gongfu'd this tea before, but for the review I did it western style, steeping for 3 minutes using 195F and a tea basket.

Taste: Quite pleasant, especially on a day when I cannot seem to feel warm, cinnamon is very warming, and combined with a brisk black tea you get a tea that just heats you up from the inside out. The taste is a blend of malty and molasses heavy tea with notes of dried apple and a nice strong and very sweet cinnamon note. If you feel adventurous you can easily make this more into what people think of as a 'chai' with milk and sugar, but it tastes just fine as is. I have on occasion used this tea for blending, using it as the tea part of my Thandai Chai blend, which was fun. It is pretty versatile, taking well to multiple steeps and either gongfu or western style brewing. I actually prefer it gongfu since I can get more out of it and the tannins are milder that way, though western is just fine.

Oddball Notes: I know, I know, "don't you strongly dislike Ceylon and cinnamon?" well kinda, I am not a fan of lower grade Ceylon tea (the higher end stuff I am a fan of) and I absolutely love true cinnamon and I am not a fan of cassia or cinnamon flavoring. There is a big difference there, if you ever get the chance do a side by side comparison of real cinnamon and cassia, you will never go back...granted real cinnamon costs a good bit more, but totally worth it. Also excuse the mediocre photos, this was written before my move when all but like two pieces of my teaware were packed up and my lighting rig as well!

How I Acquired The Tea: I bought it

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