Sunday, April 29, 2018

Teas & Trees: Achoo Blend, An Herbal Tea Review

Name: Achoo Blend

Company: Teas & Trees

Type of Tea: An herbal tea from Crete, blended from Marjoram, Sage, and Wild Mint.

Description of Dry Leaf: Fuzzy! The herbs used in this blend are delightfully fuzzy (hello sage) with big pieces of more standard looking 'leafy' leaves, a few stems, and buds from the herbs. It is a beautiful blend, looking wild and natural rather than the more uniformed tiny chopped up bits you find in some herbal blends. I am such a fan of herbal teas with large leaves and flower buds. The color of this blend is also really satisfying, pale sage green with smatterings of darker green,

Aroma of Leaf: It smells like food! I let Ben smell it when I first opened the package and he thought it would make an excellent pasta sauce (with tomatoes obviously) and I can't help but agree. The sage and marjoram give a strong savory herbaceous note while the mint gives a clean and very crisp finish. I can see why these are blended as a cold remedy, the smell alone made my sinuses very happy.

Aroma of Tea: Wonderfully savory and herbaceous but also subtly sweet, like someone added a bit of tilia honey to my cup (no one did, I was watching) but it smells of it. The sage and marjoram continue to be the dominating note, with mint bringing up the rear, subtly and not at all overbearing, which is something that is hard to do anytime you have a member of the mint family in your blend.

Preparation Style: Western style, used one of my steeping baskets precariously balanced in my overly ornate teacup for 5 minutes at 195F, a second steep was had as well and I steeped it for 8 minutes, probably could have gone for another but I admit I passed out.

Taste: So, this tea is delicious, I have a weakness for herbal teas that taste very herbaceous and yet also very sweet, and this tea does both. The notes of sage and marjoram are, again, the main attraction, with a wonderfully crisp finish of sweet wild mint. I love wild mint, it is one of my favorite members of the mint family to have as a tea because it is not as much of a face kick as other mints. It is a very soothing and refreshing cup and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Oddball Notes: I honestly should have waited until allergy season was in full swing before drinking this one, what little sniffles and chest congestion I had (and I always have a little, it is how my body rolls) was pretty much immediately eased up, I can't wait to see what this stuff does once the tree pollen really gets going. The packaging says it can be drank in the morning to wake you up, and while I am pretty dependent on caffeine, I think the refreshing taste would certainly liven up the sense. I also think I will be taking some of this with me either hot or cold steeped when I go hiking!

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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