Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trishnna Tea: Moroccan Mango Mint, A Tea Review

Name: Moroccan Mango Mint

Company: Trishnna Tea

Type of Tea: Green Tea Blend, made with: Organic Green Tea Leaves, Mint leaves, mallow leaves, vervain, candied pineapple pieces, candied mango pieces, jiaogulan (glucose), lemon pieces, flavor, filipendula (meadowsweet) herb, passion flower herb, candied papaya pieces, lime-tree petals, cardamom, strawberry pieces, rose petals, ginseng root, vanilla pieces, and apricot pieces.

Description of Dry Leaf: Mostly green, the leaves are decently sized and spread through with bits of flowers, herbs, and fruit. The dark green of the tea looks especially appealing next to the bright green of the mint leaves.

Aroma of Leaf: Hey, mint! The mint is happily accompanied by sweet tropical fruit, delicate almond (hello meadowsweet) grassy green, roses, cardamon, and a delicate herbaceous and citrus finish. Even though the mint note is quite prominent it is by no means overwhelming.

Aroma of Tea: Sweet and minty, with notes of grassy and vegetal green undertones with strong tropical and citrus fruit. Alongside these notes are delicate floral and mellow mint, this pleases me since I like mint but I prefer it in moderation.

Preparation Style: I had to rummage through all my packed up teaware to get a nice cup and porcelain teapot out, I prepared it western style with 175F for 3 minutes. I really wanted to try this tea iced but Madison is having an extended winter and the promise of snow and current 25F weather had me more in a warm tea mood.

Taste: I really want to try this iced, as soon as it is warm I am going to cold steep it for sure! The flavor is mellow, nice sweet mango and papaya with lots of undertones of floral and spices. The finish is a cool mint and long lasting sweet fruity taste that sticks around for quite a while. Conveniently with this blend you can taste the tea, sometimes blends really mask the base tea, but this one has nice crisp and vegetal notes that add a slight touch of umami and take away from what could be too intense of a sweet taste. It absolutely does not need sweetening, at all, it is already perfectly sweet and luckily for me any of the flavor tastes completely natural and like I am drinking a nice cup of green tea and mint with fruit and flowers.

Oddball Notes: I am often fairly hard on blended teas, but ones that use oddball ingredients and go for fun flavors always catch my eye, and the idea of bringing a more fruity flavor combination to a classic Moroccan Mint just really worked for me, often I find Moroccan Mint to be wayyyy too minty and uses honestly pretty subpar greens. I had a lot of fun with this one and I really want to try it iced.

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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