Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trishnna Tea: Turmeric Black Tea, a Tea Review

Name: Turmeric Black Tea

Company: Trishnna Tea

Type of Tea: A black blended tea made of Organic Assam Black Tea Leaves, turmeric powder, turmeric root, apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rose hip peels, flavor, kiwi pieces, and strawberry pieces. It looks like there are carrot bits and raisins in the blend as well, though the ingredients don't list them so I am not sure if it is just the dried kiwi or strawberry and apple dyed by the turmeric. It does that after-all.

Description of Dry Leaf: It is so colorful! The bits of fruit and turmeric root mixed in with the dark tea leaves is a striking contrast. This tea is very autumnal in its color scheme.

Aroma of Leaf: The tea smells very strongly of turmeric, giving it a very earthy quality, alongside that are notes of tangy and tart fruit (much like berries with a citrus undertone) with a finish of pepper and woodiness. There is a lot going on but it is not cacophonous, the notes play off each other quite well.

Aroma of Tea: It is quite tangy and earthy, I admit I was a little worried when I first sniffed it that it would be too tart. I am rather picky with my tartness levels in tea, a little is fine and can be quite enjoyable in moderation. Luckily there are other notes in play so I am intrigued enough to continue.

Preparation Style: Western style, porcelain teapot and antique teacup with 195F water for the duration of Tainted Love. I don't believe in timers, frequently when I steep teas western style I use music. Today was clearly an 80s day.

Taste: Hey, it is snowing! Perfect time to go outside for a tea tasting! It is both earthy and surprisingly sweet, you can really taste the turmeric, giving the overall feel of the tea a distinct warmth (and no, not just because I am sitting in the snow in the middle of April, good lord I love the north so much) and spiciness. It pretty quickly moves to malty black tea with a distinct strawberry tartness with a sweet and peppery finish. If you let it get cold it gets a coppery taste which is probably from the hibiscus, as I usually find it tastes metallic.

Oddball Notes: I had an escape! Tao decided to wander onto the porch to have a snow adventure. Last time she went into the snow she put a paw in it and immediately ran back inside, this time she was much more adventurous, taking a snowy stroll. Maybe later I will harness her up and take her on a walk out in nature, she is fluffy and beefy enough to handle the cold, unlike very shorthair and wiry Espeon.

How I Acquired The Tea: Sent for review

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