Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Yunomi: Matcha and Hojicha Cappuccino From Uji Moritoku, A Tea Review

First review from my new (temporary) tea desk setup, hilariously I had these sent to my new place ahead of me thinking it would be a few weeks before they arrived and they ended up getting there before me! These are pretty perfect for when you are moving, not a lot of setup (like my chasen and chawan, both are still buried in boxes) and are already mixed with sweetener and milk so good for on the go and quick mixing when very busy. So, here are two different instant Cappuccino style drinks from Uji Moritoku via Yunomi!

Instant Matcha Cappuccino

How pleasantly bright green! I was expecting a more dull 'culinary grade' shade of green since it is a sweetened and milky latte style drink, but no! The aroma is very much so Matcha, that grassy green with undertones of seaweed and of course sweet cream. Adding 200ml of 175F water I was very entertained by the fact that is had a froth, even with my barely needing to stir it with my mini kitchen whisk, there was distinct foam! The taste is pretty intense, very sweet with a strong creamy taste, of course it tastes like Matcha with notes of grass, sesame seeds, and a slight umami seaweed finish. The dregs are a bit bitter since they are mostly condensed Matcha so drink it fast and don't let it settle! I liked this instant Matcha, I really wish it was less sweet (it bordered on cloying for me) and that it had a slightly less powdered milk aftertaste, had the aftertaste been of Matcha and the sweetness reduced by half it would be perfection for me!

Instant Hojicha Cappuccino

Of the two, this one excited me the most, I have had so many sweet milky Matcha drinks that having a Hojicha one was novel, and it is well known how much I love my Hojicha! From the moment I opened the package I could smell the roast, strong roasted green tea aroma blends with sweet cream for a unique caramelized combination. The taste is very sweet, I would have preferred it less sweet, the taste of the instant milk and cream was very strong on this one as well, tasting strongly of creamy powder. The roasted tea taste is pleasantly strong, again the caramel notes come to mind, as do toasted sesame and autumn leaves and just a hint of grassiness. I enjoyed this one but really wish it was less sweet.

Are these high art? No. Are they better than anything I can get at a coffee shop? Yes, with the added benefit of not having to leave my house if I am super busy. For a drink that is marketed towards speed and ease of access, it is super tasty and gave me a much needed burst of energy. I will take this any day over crap you get at coffee shops (cough cough Starbucks Matcha latte!)

Tea provided for review.

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