Sunday, May 6, 2018

Teas & Trees: Mornin' Mix, A Tea Review

So, recently I had a poll on a couple of my social media places to see if my readers liked the new style of structured reviews versus my old rambles...and it was pretty clear, y'all liked the that is what you are going to get! I am actually pretty glad about this, on the one hand the longer rambles take more work, but on the other they are more fun! Being stuck in a review form box was a little tedious so back to the familiar rambling, my mile-a-minute brain is happier with a more free flowing form.

Today's tea is an herbal tea from Crete, by way of Teas & Trees, their Mornin' Mix is a blend of Marjoram, Mountain Tea (aka Sideritis) and Diktamus (aka Dittany of Crete...yes the splinching herb) and boy is it ever wonderfully fuzzy! I don't know what it is, but these herbs from Crete are just loaded with trichomes, the only one that isn't a wooly plant ball is marjoram, and it still is fairly fuzzy. Like the blend I reviewed last week, this tea smells of food! Combining a more savory herbaceous aroma of marjoram with the equally herbaceous but more green notes of Diktamus and Sideritis (fun fact, I will be looking at both individually soon in a side by side post) I can see why this is a tea for morning, because that smell is super invigorating and refreshing.

I love fuzzy teas, I find they add an interesting texture when drinking it and seeing all the little hairs floating around the cup is fun, however steeping them can be a pain since they (unsurprisingly float) and I had to use a spoon to shove them under the water...kinda. So I let this tea steep for quite a while, a good five minutes I would say (I have steeped this tea and the Sideritis and Dikatmus longer and they can definitely take it, so if you are like me and easily distracted and leave this tea steeping for like half an hour, it is still quite drinkable!) The aroma of the steeped leaves is wonderful if you have allergies (curses, tree pollen!) combining notes of kitchen herbs (think thyme, sage, and oregano...not surprising when you see these herbs have the same phenols as those!) and a nice camphorous undertone.

This tea is freaking delicious! I have lately re-awakened my love of herbal teas, thanks in part to a mild hernia that has blissfully mostly eased up to a tolerable level, not being able to guzzle teas at my normal rate meant I needed herbal teas. The herbals from Tea & Trees have become some of my favorites lately, I have been fortunate to have had most of these herbs from other places before but the ones offered by Teas & Trees taste so fresh and clean, reminiscent of my own foraged herbs. Anyway, the taste, it is savory and crisp with blends of sage, thyme, oregano, and a bit of sweet hay and camphor at the finish. If you are like me and have the attention span of no and might get overly excited about a much awaited package arriving (yes it was the stationary one I was gushing about on Instagram) and let your tea go cold, never fear because it is super yummy cold too! I might actually like it better cold and I am tempted it make a pitcher of it iced to have in my fridge for breakfasts. The subtle sweetness that is present when it is hot becomes much less subtle, and the combination of herbaceous notes with wildflower honey and sweetgrass is wonderful! Stay tuned, next time I cover some of their teas (either next Wednesday or the one after) it will be doing a side by side of Sideritis and Diktamus, showing how two herbs from the same island can be very similar and vastly different!

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