Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trishnna Tea: Fireball Green Tea, A Tea Review

So, while browsing around on Instagram the other day I saw an ad for the new Fahrenheit 451 movie and I admit I am curious because I have a great deal of love for Dystopian works. Some of my favorite movies are 60s and 70s Dystopias, many of my favorite books are set in futuristic Dystopias. Sadly the reviews coming in so far for this adaptation are not too kind, saying it is favoring flashy visuals and missing the whole point of the work and that saddens me. Still not sure I am going to watch it because it takes me forever to get around to watching stuff, but I am glad to see more people getting exposed to one of my favorite books!

Today I am taking a break from my normal hot tea to break out the cold steeping, I decided to look at Trishhna Tea's Fireball Green Tea cold steeped instead of with hot water. It is a blend of Organic Green Tea (From India, it says single origin but I am not sure from where exactly) Almonds, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Saffron, and Rose Petals, some of my all time favorite ingredients to have in a tea blend. The aroma of the tea is as expected, similar to a masala chai, with strong notes of cinnamon and cardamon, there are also strong sweet notes of roses and almonds with undertones of the slightly earthy and floral saffron. I do not get much aroma of the tea itself since it is blended with a substantial amount of spices and roses, as they are very potent notes.

After letting the tea cold steep in my fridge all day, it is time finally to dig in, sadly I picked the coolest day so far this week to do it (oops) but it is still a pleasant day to have some cold tea. The aroma of the tea is rather rosy with strong notes of spices, the cardamon being stronger than the cinnamon. The taste is sweet and fairly light, with the strongest notes being cardamon and rose, followed by cinnamon, saffron, and almond. The finish is a pleasant green crispness that gives the warm spices a very refreshing accompaniment. Overall I was rather fond of this tea iced, I tried it a few times hot and liked it, but found my favorite way to drink it was cold, it really brought the rose taste to the forefront and with my long standing love of roses, it is not a surprise that it was my favorite way to consume the tea.

Tea sent for review

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