Thursday, May 24, 2018

Vacation Mode! Be Back May 30th

I am taking a mini vacation, both from the blog and from civilization....well kinda. Rita (Ben's sister) rented a cabin for the family to stay in for the weekend, it is in a nice park way out in the middle of nowhere near Lake Michigan, which sounds like standard fancy camping, right? Well here is where it gets fun, this weekend is her local SCA's retreat and we are all going to that.

SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism, is a living history group dedicated to the celebration and preservation of pre-17th century Europe. Granted each local group has its own rules with regards to century cutoff and cultures (which is good since I am not going to be medieval Europe because I do not own any clothes of that nature, I am going to be dressed in the style of medieval India) It has similarities with LARPing and me being a history buff I have always been fascinated with it, plus Ben's family has a long history of being involved with the group.

And for anyone curious, yes I am bringing tea! There is electricity in the cabin we are staying in so I have been agonizing over what tea to bring. I plan on having a lot of grandpa style teas and maybe bring some suitable to be brewed over a campfire.

So, see you all when I get back with my normal scheduled blog next Wednesday! On a finishing note, Ben and I found this ancient 'A' in the lake after a was weird...

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