Sunday, June 17, 2018

Golden Tips Tea: Spring Signature Darjeeling Black Tea - First Flush 2018, A Tea Review

Ughhh it is hot today!! Hot and very muggy, I still don't like the heat at all so I am full on being a lump mode today, only shaking off my fugue to blog and check the weather in the vague hopes that it storms. It is the only thing about warm weather I like, and we had a glorious storm the other night, though it was not good for practicing my lightning photography, it was a sky rave with hail and crazy torrential rain. I have not had to water my plants the last couple days thanks to all that rain!

Since it is gross hot today, I decided I wanted something sweet and crisp, Golden Tips Tea Spring Signature Darjeeling Black Tea - First Flush 2018 delivers. The sizable and fluffy leaves are mottled brown and green with a bit of fuzzy tips here and there, they smell really good! Very strong aroma, with notes of nasturtiums, white grapes, celery leaves, and a green herbaceous finish that lingers in the nose. Steeping the leaves brings out notes of honey and wildflowers with the already present notes of the dry leaves.

Oh man, this really is the perfect tea for a hot day, the taste is very crisp and juicy, really it is like biting into a fresh white grape, but with a side of nasturtiums, chervil, celery, and lettuce. It tastes like a summer salad, but with a sweeter edge. Later steeps bring in more pronounced floral notes, with wildflowers and honeysuckles, and a finish of lingering sweet apricot.

It goes for several steeps too, for the third steep I paired it with some really delightful juicy (and very sticky) fresh mango and it was a wonderful flavor combination. On a whim I took the fourth steep and chilled it (again, I am roasted) and it tastes really refreshing chilled, those greener notes of nasturtium and chervil take the forefront when it is cold. This seems to be one of those teas that soothes no matter what you do with it!

Tea sent for review

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