Friday, June 29, 2018

Tea Bento: Cloud Leopard (DongFeng MeiRen Oriental Beauty) A Tea Review

Hey, guess what? If you guessed that it is hot and I have turned into a humanoid blob undulating across the floor instead of bothering to walk anywhere...well you are oddly specific in your guess. One thing about Kansas City heat I liked was the fairly low humidity, if it was say 95F it was uncomfortable but not melt into goo levels, but when you live next to a lake the humidity is real high, much like living in the south. So I am sitting wrapped in a wet towel with a fan blowing on me because I refuse to turn on the AC, I moved north to avoid having to turn the blasted thing on after all. (Ok that was not the only reason, but escaping heat was a BIG one!)

But, you are not here (presumably) to listen to me rant (once again) about how much I hate temperatures over 90F, you are here for tea...probably steeped at a temperature around 90C (because I steep everything at 195F) Today I am looking at Cloud Leopard by Tea Bento, they sent me this one back in February, at the time I could not find it in their store and I admit was too distracted by packing to properly follow up (fail) but today I was rooting around for a tea to drink and found my pouch, and lo and behold! It is on the website, so I can give it the review it deserves! Cloud Leopard is an Oriental Beauty (or DongFen MeiRen) from Taiwan, one of my favorite types of Oolongs. Lately I have been powering through greens since my stomach has been stupid, but today I desperately needed something heavier, and this was a perfect pick. The aroma is sweet and light, somewhat unassuming at first sniff, but adding it to a warmed teapot and POOF massive burst of juicy apples, apricots, orchids, honey, distant spicebush, and a finish of pears. It is very fruity, which I like!

Brewing the leaves the aroma is somehow sweeter, taking on more of a stewed fruit rather than fresh fruit, but man is this ever a fruity oolong! The first couple steeps are light and sweet, like a light wildflower honey over apples and pears. The aftertaste is one of distant flowers and an ever so subtle note of spiciness that lingers like an autumnal dream.

Later steeps increase in sweetness, bringing in notes of peaches and apricots along with the apples and pears, it is like a fruit harvest in my mouth and I am perfectly ok with that. It is very well rounded in the mouthfeel with a full and slippery feeling, it is not immensely thick, more light and floaty which matches with the fruity sweetness. It hit the spot in so many ways, especially this morning where I needed something rich in flavor and sweetness, plus it has decent longevity which is always a plus for me.
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