Sunday, June 3, 2018

Teasenz: Dian Hong Tea - Black Needle Tea, A Tea Review

Today's blog is a bit hilarious to me, it mixes the old and the least with my camera! Yes, I finally got a new camera, a beautiful Nikon P520 that is my new baby, feel bad for the people who follow me on facebook because the stream of photos has been constant. I am beside myself with glee at this camera, especially after capturing a bolt of lightning last night! So, the first few photos of this blog are with my old camera, and the last one was from today, since I wanted this tea for breakfast and need to get the settings right for my much loved drip photos!

I am looking at Teasenz's Dian Hong Tea - Black Needle Tea, it has been too long since I got lost in a Dian Hong, I had missed the beautiful gently fuzzy golden leaves of Yunnan black tea. Seriously, I love the myriad rainbow of Dian hong types, each one is different and wonderful. The aroma on this one is wonderfully malty and sweet, this is one of those Dian hongs that smell heavy of molasses, brown sugar, and a touch of distant cocoa powder. Sniffing it calls to mind cookie dough of molasses cookies and I am perfectly ok having my nose in these leaves!

Brewing the leaves increases the maltiness and sweetness, definitely getting brown sugar and a starchy cookie finish, it smells sweet and enticing! The liquid is so sweet smelling, I found myself almost getting it up my nose I was taking such big sniffs of it, even after I chugged the cup I was snuffling like a truffle pig in the cup. The sweet and sticky molasses and brown sugar aroma just linger around forever, like the ghost of sweets past!

And now, my favorite part (ok second favorite, ogling the golden fuzzies on leaves might actually be my favorite) of tea, drinking! First off, I made the mistake of letting Ben taste this tea...and then he kept trying to steal my cup!! I ended up having to make him his own mug of it to keep him out of mine! It is both a good sign and a bad one, because it means my precious sample will diminish quicker than I would like.
My camera needs a splash guard! 

The mouthfeel is great, nice and thick, which when paired nicely with the sweet taste, giving it almost syrup texture. Considering the tea tastes of molasses, brown sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, peanuts, and malt...syrup is a good way to describe it! Later steeps bring out stronger malt and chocolate tastes, it has a truly iconic molasses heavy Dianhong taste which I adored. It gets many steeps, one day I pushed this one all day and get fourteen steeps, so it goes the distance. This Dianhong gets my seal of if I can only keep Ben out of my stash!!

Tea sent for review.

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