Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tillerman Tea: Muzha Tieguanyin Spring 2018, A Tea Review

Guys, I am so sad!! Ok, so I have this plush vulture I got from the is my favorite plush that I sleep with every night, and of course it is starting to look more than a little knackered. I bought a replacement on Amazon that is very similar to my favorite but in theory bigger! Well it arrived today, and it is bigger, however it is also rigid and with a hard insert...'super soft and squishy' my eye! I always hate having to return things, but this one has to go back. At least I can just go back to the zoo and get another of the same vulture.

Today I am looking at Tillerman Tea's Muzha Tieguanyin Spring 2018, I am always excited when I get to look at their teas, and it is well known my love of Muzha TGY! The website describes it as a classic, meaning medium oxidation and charcoal roast, which sounds perfect on a slightly chilly and rainy day. The aroma of the tightly curled up leaves is, in fact, quite classic! Notes of roasted chestnuts, caramelized walnuts, and the faintest hint of distant orchids, it smells very sweet and the floral note adds a wonderful level of depth that a lot of Muzha lacks.

I steeped this tea in my duanni gaiwan, embarrassingly I forgot to take pictures of the unfurled leaves, I was having too much fun playing around with droplet photography. The aroma of the steeped leaves is so sweet, the floral notes are still around but with an added char and almost malty molasses finish. Again it smells very sweet, which I like!

Tasting the tea (after I had taken many photos) is a lovely experience, it is both crisp and a bit dry at the start, and finished with a lingering buttery mouthfeel. The taste goes on a rollercoaster of delicate orchid to roasted walnut shells, toasted grain to whipped honey butter, finishing with an aftertaste of caramel and honeysuckle. I was able to get many steeps of golden colored goodness out of this tea and ended up sitting with it most of the day, it kept me feeling warm during the rain! This one is one of the more varied tasting Muzhas I have run into, usually they taste primarily of sweet grains and caramel, this one had a lot more nuance and depth. If this is what this year's Taiwanese teas are going to be like, color me excited!

Tea sent for review

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