Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trishnna Tea: A Pair of Cold Steeped Teas, A Tea Review

I have a serious problem, I hoard scarves...Before I moved to Madison I had a decent collection of about 20 scarves, but the local thrift store (especially the bin store where you pay by the pound) is a haven for scarf collectors...I now have a ridiculous 72 scarves. My only problem with this is storage, how do you accurately store that many scarves while letting you see what you have? My current method (which needs work, I had a plan that I will be implementing later) is to go to dollar tree, get a bunch of shower curtain rings, and hang them off hangers. Eventually I want to get a bunch of those removable sticky hooks and have a wall that is nothing but scarves.

I decided today to look at a pair of cold steeped teas, both from Trishnna Tea. Starting off with Ginger Tulsi Green Tea, a blend of ginger and tulsi (two of my favorite herbs) and an organic Indian green tea, making for a very refreshing and crisp blend (especially cold steeped on a hot day!) The aroma of the leaves is a strong mix of ginger and tulsi, making it warm and spicy along with sweet and herbaceous. I was not a huge fan of this tea hot, the ginger and tulsi is not as strong as I would like if I brew it with green tea temperatures, and at hotter the green tea is bitter, however cold steeping it is perfection! The taste is pleasantly warm and sweet from the ginger, refreshing and crisp from the green tea, and of course the tulsi maintains a wonderful herbaceous quality all through the sipping experience. It was a little cup of sunlight on a rainy day!

I find in the evening I like to have something cold and herbal, once the temperature stays above 60F consistency a cold drink after a warm day is bliss. So the Chamomile Mint Tea was a good choice for cold steeping. The aroma is the sweet blend of spearmint (a very mild yet also very present mint) chamomile's honey and straw notes, and a touch of citrus. Drinking this one hot I really enjoyed, but as with the other tea I really enjoyed it the most cold, the sweet notes from the chamomile and crisp notes of mint makes for a very refreshing evening drink. Oddly I kept wishing this one had lavender, not sure why, but my brain wanted it to be mixed with lavender. Either cold or hot, this tea was a win in my book.

Teas sent for review

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