Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Golden Tea Leaf: Ali Mountain Oolong, A Tea Review

New blog schedule alert! I have decided to blog once a week on Tuesdays now, might be permanent, might change as I try to find the perfect balance of blogging to time. Thank you all as I try to figure things out through trial and error, as someone who likes schedules being followed I can understand any annoyance.

Now that the bureaucracy is finished, onward to tea! Looking at Golden Tea Leaf's Ali Mountain Oolong one of my favorite mountains from one of my favorite places to get Taiwanese oolongs. This is the 2018 harvest, delightfully fresh and super aromatic, definitely one of those teas I need to sniff while sitting down because you just get hit with a wave of delightful green oolong goodness. The aroma is a blend of sweetness and green, with notes of honeysuckle, fresh vegetation, pineapples, daffodils, and a sweet cream and sugarcane finish.

Brewing the leaves up (photos is obviously after a ton of steeps) the aroma is a blend of fresh alpine air and a touch of distant pine, also with notes of pineapple, lychee, daffodils, and honeysuckles. It is very sweet with a crisp green quality that keeps it from being cloying and gives it a very refreshing quality.

Man this is sweet! The first couple steeps are very sweet with a very pleasant subtleness, sweet but again not too cloying, with strong notes of hyacinth and honeysuckle, lychee and papaya, and a lingering aftertaste of pineapple and flower nectar. It has a pleasant thickness that does a wonderful job of coating the mouth with that sweet flavor.

This tea goes through a lot of steeps too, I legit lost count but it is certainly more than a dozen and I am still sipping it as it finally finishes out with subtle sweetness. The later steeps before it starts to fade bring in the green alpine notes of fresh mountain air in summer, it tastes immensely clean and humid, it is honestly kinda hard to describe it other than just being really high up in the mountains. Along side that refreshing taste is the long lingering notes of pineapples and flowers, specifically hyacinth and orange blossoms (it is a bouquet in my mouth) and the fruity and floral notes just linger for so long in the aftertaste.

I really enjoyed this tea's longevity and how it never got bitter or funky if I...accidentally...wandered out of the room and steeped it for too long. It is delightful and I will drinking a bunch of this one!

Tea sent for review

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