Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Golden Tea Leaf: Forever Spring Oolong, A Tea Review

How is everyone's week so far? Mine is off to a good start, as I finally got to go swimming yesterday and I am trying to see if I can squeeze in a swim today. The lake has finally cleared up and the beach which is a couple blocks from my current place of residence keeps all the lake weeds out of the swimming zone. It was delightful, the water was nice and cool (I hate swimming in warm water, it just feels gross) and the air was a nice 80F, it was between thunderstorms so the sky was gorgeous, truly a wonderful experience...especially with this trio of girls that were practicing pro-wrestling moves and pretending to be John Cena. I did run into one slight problems, I have this thing where if my ears get at all cold I get a splitting headache, during the winter I just wear my earmuffs but I don't know how to keep my ears warm if I go underwater, Ben suggested a bathysphere but I am not sure that is the best call.

Before I skitter off to go swimming I need to write about a tea I have been enjoying lately, Golden Tea Leaf's Forever Spring Oolong, the new 2018 harvest. This is one of those teas with a few names: Si Ji Chun and Four Seasons, it is famous because you can get several harvests off of it and they all have a very consistent feel. It is one of those everyday kinda Oolongs, you can gongfu it, coldsteep it, grandpa it...it is one of those teas that doesn't punish you of your attention span is elsewhere. The aroma of these leaves is very green and very floral, blending notes of orchid and honeysuckle with fresh grass and bellpepper. It smells of summer days where everything is in full bloom and green!

I gongfu'd this tea this time, I have cold steeped it and definitely recommend doing that if you like cold steeped oolongs! The mouthfeel is light with an edge of thickness, it is very refreshing with its floaty texture. The taste is great, very sweet notes of honeysuckle, apples, orchids, and green notes of fresh vegetation and a touch of peppers. It has a wonderfully sweet aftertaste that lingers for a while, which means I like to take time between sips to let that aftertaste really kick in. It lasts for several steeps with a building green note that fades back off to sweet floral being dominant towards the end of the session. Overall I really love how forgiving this tea is, I can let it steep long or short and I still get a delicious cup, the only thing that changes is the texture and level of greenness to the taste. It really is a tea for all seasons.

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