Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Golden Tips Tea: A Pair of Darjeeling First Flush Black Teas

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a freshly buzzed mohawk, the feeling of a cool breeze where usually there is just hair. It is refreshing, especially when you have been dealing with what seems to be a never ending nasty headache. Clearly I had too much hair and needed to let my scalp breathe, maybe with a cool new haircut my head will finally stop hurting...eventually. And sadly that is really all I have been doing since last week's blog, nursing a headache, it has been rather boring but at least the tea and weather has been nice.

Spring Sonata

Today I am looking at a pair of Golden Tips Tea's 2018 Spring First Flush Black Darjeeling Teas, starting with Spring Sonata. Like most of Golden Tips Teas there is not a ton of information to be gathered from the website, so we are going into this one with just sensory feedback. The leaves are both very pretty and very aromatic, big fluffy things with a mottled green, red, and brown color scheme. Notes of almonds, grapes, mangoes, and tomato leaves with floral and honey undertones. Steeping the tea, the taste is sweet and a touch green, with notes of tomato leaves and nasturtium flowers with almonds and white grapes. The finish is a long lingering honey thickness that just sticks around, honestly its lingering aftertaste reminds me a bit of a dancong oolong which I found quite fascinating. It goes for several very sweet steeps.

Spring Harmony

Spring Harmony has much smaller chopped up leaves and a much greener aroma, with notes of green chilies, bell pepper, nasturtium, and just a touch of muscatel sweetness. Steeping this bad boy up left me with a very light tea, gentle notes of bell pepper and grapes with a light mouthfeel. I pushed this tea for a few more steeps to see if I could get more out of it and later steeps did have a stronger taste, but what is there is very light. Notes of honey and peppery nasturtiums with undertones of grapes and bell peppers, very refreshing and light with an aftertaste of lettuce. These two teas were like night and day, and I enjoyed their contrast when tasting them side by side.

Teas sent for review

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