Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Teasenz: 2016 Zi Juan Purple Tea Cake - Sheng Purple Tea, A Tea Review

I am currently cleaning up my mess of Magic The Gathering cards, they are a giant unsorted disaster after the move and I am finally tackling them. Between long winded sort sessions I decided to take a break and write this blog, because frankly if I had to sort cards anymore I might have started screaming. My one big complaint with having that collecting is the endless upkeep.

Today I am taking a look at a tea type I don't drink much of, a sheng puerh, specifically 2016 Zi Juan Purple Tea Cake - Sheng Purple Tea from Teasenz. I don't drink sheng much because for some reason it gives me killer gut-rot (yes I have tried many types, ages, and storage style, before you ask...because everyone always asks, it just does not agree with me) so take that into consideration. I cannot really give a long description of this tea's longevity because I had to call it quits at steep four.

However I can say I love this cake, it is a perfect example of a quality purple tea, with rich darkly purple leaves that smell of grape skin, apricot, and asparagus with undertones of fresh hay and honey. I always find purple tea, no matter how it is processed, always has a slightly fruity aroma and this one is no exception, plus it is just beautiful to look at. After an initial rinse and steep the aroma is very sweet honey and hay with underlying fruit and green notes.

The mouthfeel was an exciting combination of thick and dry, starting off with a bit of a dry slightly unripe apricot taste and feel and then flowing to the back of the mouth with a honey sweet thickness that lingers in the back of my throat for a while. There are also notes of fresh hay and a crispy lettuce green taste as well.

The later of the steeps starts to bring in that bitterness, like the bitterness of a red wine or underripe plum, very fruity rather than green in its bitterness. Sadly when the bitterness starts is when I have to stop, I have this theory that it might be tannin related since I have a harder time (lately, it is a new and terrible development) with very heavily tannic black teas. I can tell this tea has a lot of life left in it, I've noticed that purple shengs tend to just go on forever before they fade out. I did like what I could taste though, and if my stomach would have let me I could have kept this train running! And now...back to sorting magic cards!

Tea sent for review

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