Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fong Mong Tea: Black and White, Hongyu Ruby 18 and Pekoe White, a Tea Review

It has been an eventful week since my last post, we have been dealing with quite the flood, record breaking in fact. And as I look at the radar and see more rain on the way I can't help but wonder when it will end. For the most part I am safe (I fell in the lake while helping to rescue the dock which was pretty gross since flood water is full of disgusting things) but I am going slightly stir crazy. Today I am looking at a pair of teas from Taiwan, sent my way by Fong Mong Tea, one of which is a long time favorite and the other is something I have wanted to try for quite a while, so let us get to it!

T-18 2017 Organic Hongyu Hongcha Taiwan Nantou Ruby #18 Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Yesssss, Red Jade!!! (or one of its many other names) It is one of my favorite black tea ever, so whenever I get sent some to try I get very happy. This is a very menthol heavy version of this tea, with strong notes of menthol, cocoa, tomatoes, cinnamon, and sassafras (which is one of the main notes that makes this tea one of my favorites, I love sassafras so much!) It is a very aromatic tea and I could spend all day sniffing the dry leaves...ok not really, I want to drink it! Holy moly is this tea ever intense, not a Red Jade for the faint of heart! It has a strong cooling menthol note that causes a pleasant tingling sensation all the way down to my belly, along with notes of camphor and cinnamon with a finish of sassafras and chocolate and a surprising aftertaste of juicy plum. It is a very bright tea, later steeps calm down the menthol and camphor notes and bring in notes of woodiness and an intense lingering chocolate and plum sweetness, mellowing out, which is one of the reasons I love this as a morning tea. The intense start to the tea really livens my senses and mellows out as I wake up. It is a really great example of Red Jade, definitely one that doesn't pull its punches!

Pekoe White Shan Bai Cha Premium Selected Taiwanese White Tea (1 Bud 2 Leaves)

Ok, so this tea is awesome, it is a Taiwanese white tea, made from large beautiful fluffy leaves grown at a high elevation. Taiwanese white tea has been on my to try list for a while, it is a bit of a pain to get, as it is somewhat rare, so I am so excited to finally get some! The leaves are immensely aromatic, very strong notes of cantaloupe, peach, hay, camphor, sugar cookies, and milk. It is really weird but in a good way, unlike any white tea I have had the pleasure of sniffing before. This tea is bizarre! It is so sweet, almost like cookies made from peach and cantaloupe, but with a gentle milk and hay note...this is not what I was expecting from a white tea. It tastes almost like candy with an aftertaste of caramel, it is wacky but I love it. Later steeps bring in more traditional notes of hay and peony flowers, but for the most part it tastes like some sort of magical otherworldly fruity candy. I only had enough tea for one session, but I am very tempted to get more and experiment, I feel this tea would be epic cold-steeped and bowl steeped as well as the gongfu style I steeped. Fong Mong Tea sent me a bunch of teas to review, and I am pretty sure I am going to have to go on a shopping spree to get more of what I have tried. Stay tuned, soon I will be covering a bunch of their Oolongs!

Tea sent for review

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