Tuesday, September 25, 2018

AprTea Mall: A Pair of Yunnan Dianhong Teas, Time for the Fuzzy Gold!

Someone put a perfectly usable plastic drawer tower in the dumpster yesterday. The building I am staying at's trash and recycling dumpsters are near the mail depository and people tend to put things they are getting rid of next to said dumpsters, sometimes you can find some neat things there. However someone just tossed the tower because one of the removable wheels had a crack in it, so I pulled it out of the dumpster, because who just throws away something perfectly usable? Anyway, I have cleaned it, fixed the wheel, and now I have more storage because I constantly need more storage.
Today I am looking at two of my favorite styles of Yunnan Dianhong teas, both from AprTea, a golden needle and a golden spiral! 

First up, the Golden Needles, these are some really big thick needles too, I used my 100ml teapot and they stuck up out of the top until I poured hot water, my photo does not do their size or thick fuzzy trichomes justice. The aroma of the long fuzzy needles is very malty, with strong notes of honey, molasses, and roasted peanuts, it smells delightful, especially if you are a fan of richly malty dianhongs. As expected from the aroma (though hat can be deceiving at times) it tastes delightful, a rich malty and sweet tea with loads of molasses, roasted peanuts, caramel, and undertones of a woody sweetness. The taste reminds me a bit of peanut brittle at first, but as the steeps progress it becomes more of a malty rich molasses heavy cookie taste. It goes for quite a few steeps, a nice solid six steeps with a few very sweet but very light steeps at the end. 

Spiral time! I do adore these spiral golden teas, AprTea calls them Bending Gold Buds, but they have many names: Golden Bi Luo Chun, Golden Spirals, or my personal name for them, Fuzzy Golden Happiness. This style tea is one of my all time favorites, I sink into severe ennui when I run out of it. The aroma of these tightly curled buds of gold is a sweet blend of chocolate, malt, molasses, and a touch of nuttiness, the aroma reminds me of brownie batter with an addition of peanuts. The taste is classic golden spirals, strong notes of yams and molasses with undertones of peanuts, black pepper, and a long lasting finish of malt. It goes for many steeps, definitely a tea you can just drink all day, which is a definite win for me! 

Both teas sent for review

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