Monday, October 22, 2018

Internet Woes, Moving, and Life

Ahhh, moving, that most onerous of tasks. The time in my life where I suddenly hate all my stuff, question my sanity (do I really need all this art supplies, all these clothes, all these cups? Yes...yes I do) and feel a rolling sense of exhaustion. This isn't like my move back in April where I just had to worry about packing and then minimal unpacking while I was staying at the temporary condo, this is the big thing, and I am understandably pooped.
Ancient photo, dredged from Facebook, it felt too weird to have no pictures 

I was going to do my normal blog tomorrow but received an email that my internet hook-up was delayed by a day so yeah, no real blog this week. I am sitting on the floor of my temporary condo taking a break while I finish last-minute stuff (you know, a deep clean of everything, paint touch up if needed, sponging internet before I go back to my house which is unplugged from the world except for my phone...I am so spoiled) and I technically could write a proper blog would have no pictures and it would be me doing tasting notes entirely from memory without my notebook for references, but that would be lame. So next week I will return, maybe my return blog will be me showing off my new tea set-up? Anyone interested in that?

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