Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The New Tea Lair!

Well, I am mostly unpacked, in record time if I am to be completely honest. More importantly, at least more relevant to this post, my tea stuff is all set-up and happily back to normal. No offense to the tea set-up at the condo, the view of the lake was lovely but it was always temporary so it never felt right, the view from my tea-desk might just be a vibrantly purple backdrop now, but it is my backdrop!

First off, let me introduce you to where all the fun stuff happens! My tea desk is part of a three part desk cubby that is currently incomplete. I am busily hunting thrift stores for a painting desk to complete the trilogy (and so I can finish unpacking and then get back to painting!) Currently there is the aforementioned tea-desk which suffered a grievous injury when moving, but my quick repair skills (and the best glue in existence) fixed it, though it is a tad shorter now since I had to remove the wheels. I am facing the cold hard facts that I am going to need to replace that desk sometime in the near future because its particle board self is starting to succumb to the grip of entropy, but I going to use this desk until it falls apart. I love it, the backdrop was painted by me after my old fish tank left water stains on it, the top has USB LED lights affixed for even top lighting and the cubbies make good homes for my tea tasting notebook, camera, lightbox, and writing utensils. Next to the tea-desk is my writing desk where I do my journaling and blogging (or will when my WiFi router gets here tomorrow and I don't have to be jacked into my modem on the other side of the room) and of course next to my desk is where my beloved Zojirushi water boiler lives.

On the fish tray (given to me by my mom as a wedding present) is a rather varied collection of characters, the largest and most obvious being my resin Shiva Nataraja. He used to live on my Mandir, but Ben got me a HUGE brass one so this one needed a place to live. There is also a Beholder, a Black Lotus candle holder which acts as a holder for a floaty Lich, my Jace and Liliana miniatures, a Bathalian, a very small Durga, a large collection of miniature tea frogs, a white cobra, and a sea monster. All the miniatures were painted by me, having them live on the tea desk gives me an excuse to keep accumulating them! I am not sure if Lord Shiva is going to stay on the tray, he is very large and does't fit properly and I worry he will take a tumble, I really want a statue the same size as my tiny Durga so that everyone on the desk is roughly the same size(meaning I will probably give the large resin Shiva to my mom.) Plus the nature of my tea tray is always changing, for a while I was matching miniatures to whatever Plane Magic The Gathering was currently on, and right now I wanted D&D monsters, so it will never stay the same miniatures for long.

Of course what is tea without teaware? Leaves and puddles, that is what. My Teaware hoard (horde also works here) lives on my box shelves on the opposite wall, I wanted them closer but baseboard heaters make shelf placements perilous. Luckily for me the opposite wall was heater-less so I can have them flush against the wall. I decided to make my shelves themed, back in KC I just had stuff all willy-nilly, but this time each box has a theme, like my ruyao pieces, or my pieces made from carved stone. Spread among the teaware are old teapets, oddball knickknacks, and a few antiques I have collected from thriftstores. It currently looks like there is no room for new teaware, but there is if I move things around, granted I made it look super full so as to encourage me to only collect pieces that I absolutely have to have and not just pieces that are pretty. Of course the next day I went to the Dig n Save and brought home three new cups, but they are quite spectacular.

All my tea lives on top of the shelves, this is not the most ideal, mostly because a few of the tall ones I can't reach as I am fairly short. I either need a step-stool or to get a few more of these plastic drawer towers that are shorter. Mostly I really like having the tea over the teaware, I can select the tea then select the appropriate piece of teaware to go with it.

Lastly I leave you all with my favorite teapets, Espeon and Tao, who seem quite happy with the way I have things setup! I will be back to reviews next week!

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