Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nannuoshan: Pomelo Tea, a Scented Black Tea Review

Today's blog is going to be a bit of a short one, I have been unwell lately and I am still not really functioning but after missing last week I didn't want to also miss this week. I have been keeping myself occupied in my convalescence catching up on video games, mostly Minecraft and Ark's new DLC. Minecraft is great as always, and of course Ark is a glitchy disaster that fills me with equal part wonder and joy...and rage because fix your game, Wildcard! Maybe since Extinction was their final DLC they will finally focus on fixing all the bugs in the game, but I doubt it. 

So today's tea is Nannuoshan's Pomelo Tea, a Jin Mudan cultivar black tea that has been scented with pomelo flowers. I love scented teas, it makes me wonder why anyone would ever want flavored when they can just have scented! The tea is so aromatic, strong notes of pomelo blossoms and honey with undertones of cocoa, hazelnuts, and citrus zest. Brewing up the tea, the aroma intensifies, especially the pomelo blossom notes, it smells almost like perfume or sitting next to a fully blooming citrus tree, it is intoxicating. The liquid is not quite as intoxicating as the wet leaves, but it is still quite aromatic, with notes of pomelo and chocolate with nutty undertones.

If you like black teas that are immensely sweet and richly aromatic, then this is a good pick. You taste this tea with your mouth but even more so with your nose, each exhale after a sip fills the mouth and nose with the intense taste of pomelo blossoms, honey, and lingering hazelnuts. As with all scented teas, the tea itself tends to last longer than the scenting, though the scenting does last for many sweet and floral steeps, I can get a solid seven pomelo blossom laden steeps before all I am left with is cocoa, malt, and hazelnut notes from the tea. I reserve my stash of this tea for special occasions, it is such a unique tea that it requires full attention.

Tea was a gift

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