Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tea, Kidney Stones, Year End, and Holidays

It has been...a week....for me. I have been struck low by my kidneys deciding to take up rock collecting and then immediately disposing of that collection. Thanks kidneys! The pain has eased up but I am steering clear of tea for a short while (loud angry crying ensues) and going on the all herbal and water diet, at least until my kidneys are in the clear.
Inside footage of what my urinary tract has been lately

Conveniently this is happening right at the holidays, so I have a legit excuse for not blogging again until after New Years! Granted kidney rocks are a valid excuse, but I am full of annoyance and the snark is thick.

Happy Holidays everyone, drink extra tea in honor of me and my stupid kidneys, see you all in January!

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