Friday, January 25, 2019

Golden Tea Leaf: Shan Lin Xi EU Organic, A Tea Review

Well, I have been ultrasounded, and now I have to spend a very few tense days waiting until my appointment on Wednesday. I am so terrified they won't find anything and I will be back to wildly speculating what could possibly be causing my pain, it happens like that with Fibromyalgia sometimes. Also, my heat broke and what a rotten time for it to happens! Mostly I am staying warm enough thanks to heated blankets and sweater (and of course the cats have their own warming pads in their beds) but man, are my hands ever cold. I was planning on painting today, but instead I think I might spend the day reading and holding hot mugs of tea to thaw my hands out!

Today I am taking a look at Golden Tea Leaf's Shan Lin Xi EU Organic, a truly unusual SLX that might be a new favorite. Man, when was the last time I looked at a single tea and not a set? Too long! The aroma of the leaves is wonderful, very sweet and buttery with notes of the classic crisp alpine green, the note that really makes it stand out from other SLX is the floral note, like sweet blooming spring flowers and just a hint of bell pepper at the finish. It is unusual but very much so in a good way, it definitely smells like a SLX but with something new and exciting.

Into the teapot it goes for a steeping adventure, the aroma of the leaves as they unfurl has a hint of sassafras (well that is surprising) crisp alpine green, and a heady floral finish. The leaves are very aromatic and just increase in the amount of variety that wafts out of the leaves with each steep. The brew is an aromatic goldmine, sweet notes of flowers and crisp yet buttery green dance together with the steam drifting to my nose and it doesn't smell like the winter I am experiencing, it smells like early spring where all the flowers start to open.

So, SLX usually has a bit of a floral note, but it is not the green oolong I associate with the intense floral notes, usually I associate with more green and buttery tones. This one, however, has those classic buttery and alpine notes that are so familiar, but brings in an excitingly sweet combination of hyacinth, orchid, and peony flowers. I will say that is it is surprisingly un-heady, the notes are more nectar and light rather than thick and intoxication (like how a dancong is super heady, this is more floral like, say, a white tea, if you catch my distinction) later steeps bring in a stronger buttery thick green quality, eventually after many steeps the tea fades into nectar floral sweetness and a long lingering thick mouthfeel. I definitely recommend trying this one if you are a fan of SLX (or you know, just green oolongs in general) mostly because it goes in a unique delicious direction!

Tea sent for review

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