Friday, January 11, 2019

Tillerman Tea: A Trio of High Mountain Winter Oolongs, A Tea Review

So, today I was working on a project that involves paper mache-ish, no flour just strips of paper soaked in glue water. It is basically going to be an armature for a statue I am making, I have no experience what-so-ever working with paper mache and it is a learning experience. One thing I learned is that apparently the watery glue mixture makes my hands burn and itch and I have no idea why. I am beginning to think that maybe I should have gotten a lot of air-dry clay and a ton of water-proof varnish instead of this nonsense. Ah well, wish me luck that the end result is worth it!

Today I am looking at three teas from blog favorite, Tillerman Tea, three winter 2018 Oolongs from three of my favorite mountains done up in the style of green oolongs. A Lishan, Shan Lin Xi, and an Alishan, all three well known guests on my blog...because I love them...and I could honestly drink them all day (and since it is harder for me to drink black and oxidized oolongs, I do.) In fact, that is one thing that all three of these teas have in common, they last forever. You start with one in the morning and by late evening they are finally fading. I decided to brew all of these using my celadon gaiwan and celadon cups

Alishan High Mountain Oolong Winter 2018

Let us start with the Alishan, the Oolong that might have made the most appearances on the blog (seriously, I love this stuff.) The aroma of the pretty leaves is buttery, with notes of chestnuts and bokchoy, along with intense notes of gardenia, peaches, and a lingering note of honeysuckle. It smells quite sweet, which I like. Brewing it up the aroma manages to take on even fruitier notes, with notes of lemons and peaches giving it a bit of a fruit tart quality. First off, it is love at first sip, I am of course immediately greeted by an intensely thick mouthfeel, the taste is wonderfully buttery and fruity, tasting like a peach and lemon cheesecake with building floral tones that evoke a spring bloom. The finish is a crisp lettuce note and a long lingering aftertaste of honeysuckles. I really enjoyed this one, it reminded me of late spring and tasty desserts. Also, surprisingly, Ben (who is not really a huge green oolong fan) really liked it.

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Winter 2018

Oh SLX, you alpine tasting beauty that reminds me of long hikes in a mountain forest. The aroma of the dry leaves is that classic crisp and green alpine forest note that I have sung the praises of many times, but there are also notes of sweet corn, candied almonds, and a sugarcane. This is a surprisingly sweet smelling SLX, and once you steep it the leaves maintain their sweetness with gentle notes of hyacinth flowers  making it, somehow, even more aromatic. Tasting the tea, it is, unsurprisingly very thick in the mouth, but also very sweet. It has a wonderful crisp lettuce and pine forest taste at the start but it pretty quickly blooms into lilac and sweet corn with a lingering aftertaste of chestnuts. Later steeps bring in a stronger buttery green taste overriding the sweet notes for a powerfully intense green oolong.

Lishan High Mountain Oolong Winter 2018

Hello, Lishan, my stealth favorite tea of all time that I never have enough of and tend to drink all my stash immediately. Seriously, Lishan does something to my brain, my notes are all crooked and I swear it makes my pain levels diminish because it tastes so good. I could live off of it if I could afford it more often. The aroma is sweet, mixing yeasty sweet Hawaiian bread, caramel cookies, tulip blossoms, and melted butter. Brewing it increases the sweetness, with lilacs and violet flowers joining the mix. It is pleasantly sweet, not candy sweet, but the sweetness of falling into a hot bath that is also conveniently a room full of flowers. Like I said, this tea does something to my brain. Notes of almond shortbread cookies, violets, lilacs, and a thick buttery green notes that adds a level of balance. Later steeps bring out a level of starch and malt. My sample bag only has a few crumbs left in it and I am in mourning because I want more.

Teas sent for review

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