Friday, February 1, 2019

Surgery, Hiatus, and The Blog's Future

Before you panic, don't worry, the blog is not leaving...permanently. Ok, now that I got that out of the way onward to the actual news. Those who follow on social media know that I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis (yay, finally I know what is wrong with my uterus trying to kill me and finally have a specialist that doesn't brush my pain off as 'just part of Fibromyalgia') and I have to have surgery to explore my abdominal cavity and remove what they can. In a perfect world, this removal and taking Progesterone will keep it at a manageable level (unlike now where I spend way too much time curled up crying on the floor) but my doctor and I are realists and know that this might not work and I might have to get my uterus removed. The reason being is having Fibromyalgia and also being one of those rare people (seriously I am like part of 3%) who have violently contradictory reactions to medication. The example I like to point out is birth control in my teens and 20s making my cramps and periods worse and also causing my gallbladder to die (it had to be removed because it was going necrotic, scary stuff) and of course the one that long time readers might remember, the Gabapentin (an antiseizure medicine) for my Fibromyalgia making me have seizures and seriously fried my brain, I still (years later) have a more pronounced stutter, concentration issues, and my chronic headaches were worsened, though it is steadily but slowly getting better. I also have a history of weird reactions to surgery, so this say the least. Luckily the specialist I am working with is awesome and is very knowledgeable about Endometriosis and (much to my surprise and happiness) how Fibromyalgia affects recovery and pain. She wants to start with the least invasive and least medication option and go from there.

But enough of that, my surgery will be in 4-6 weeks and will take me roughly that long to recover (yay Fibro doubling the recovery time) and the blog will be going on hiatus until after I am recovered. Now true, I could blog until surgery time, but to be honest my blog has kinda been...mediocre...for the last couple months, and trying to have the mental fortitude to blog and have it be readable and enjoyable and not a mess has been a real trial. I am really good at hyperfocusing on something to distract me from pain (video games and painting are a good example) but when it comes to writing and taking my jumbled mess of thoughts and funneling them into a cohesive whole, it is not something I have mastered. I can let my brain go all stream of consciousness when I am painting, if I do that when I am blogging, well, you kinda get a post like this!

For those lovely companies that sent me tea, it will be reviewed when I return after surgery. I know that this medical catastrophe might kill my blog's reputation as anything reliable and might cause any tea samples to dry up. If that does happen then it will make it harder to blog, as it does run on tea samples because I am unable to afford to buy tea to keep the blog consistent. The tone will shift and wander away from reviews and into other tea themed reflections. But! We shall see, I will be returning shortly after the spring harvest, so it might be perfect timing.

Lastly, as always, I am beyond thankful for my readers and the tea community in general. You guys are awesome. I will still be around some on Instagram (it is the best place to keep up with me) posting my paintings and tea sessions, though I am not sure how much gongfu'ing there will be. If you want to support the blog and help me get tea for future reviews, art supplies (and let's be honest help pay for the stupid medical expenses) my Ko-Fi link can be found at the bottom of all my blog posts. Thanks everyone and see you on the other side of the laproscope!