Information, FAQs, and Policies

Blog Policies
Hello, any tea companies wishing to send me samples, first off Thank you! I appreciate it immensely! A few things to keep in mind when contacting me:

- I do accept teas for the blog, please be aware that I review teas once a week, so your tea might not make the cut, as I am only reviewing teas I find exceptionally interesting. I do really enjoy flights and comparison posts, those teas sent in that way will all be reviewed in one blog post (in the style of this or this, for example) However, if you want your tea briefly described and showcased with lots of photos on my Instagram please know that is also an option. These pictures will also be shared on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, lots of exposure but with less description. Please note that being featured on Instagram does not mean it will make it to the blog. If you want me to review your teas, just use the contact form on the main blog page (it has to be viewed in desktop mode) and send me a message.

-I prefer to review loose leaf pure teas, I will on occasion review blends and herbals if I think they look interesting. No teabags or flavored teas unless it is something special (i.e. can be brewed in a gaiwan with no trouble, please ask about this before sending) I also do not review teas for health reasons, only for taste. My preferences are Hongcha (aka black teas, specifically from China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Darjeeling...less so with Assam, Ceylon and African) Greens, Oolongs, Whites, Herbals, Yellows, Purple Tea, Shou Puerh, in that order. I do not like Sheng Puerh (as it gives me a terrible stomach ache and the taste is not something I am fan of, the only exception to this is when it is purple, not sure why but here we are) Rooibos/ Honeybush, Hibiscus and very tart things, Hops or anything tasting of Beer, and low quality Matcha. The best way to get an idea of what I like is to check out my Instagram or the blog itself.

-I do not review Kickstarters or the like without having a tangible thing to go with it, if I am interested in it I might mention it on social media, but the blog is only for things I review after trying them. If you have sent me tea to review and are also running a Kickstarter I will gladly mention it in the review. Same with any coupons or discounts for my readers.

-I only use my own photos, the one and only exception to this rule is if something goes wrong and a file is corrupted and there is not enough tea for a second session.  I will contact you if this problem arises.

Art Commisions
I have gotten a lot of requests/questions about the various odd teapets on my desk. They are (usually) 30mm miniatures hand painted and altered by me. I do take commissions or if you see one you love I can possibly be talked out of keeping it. Send me a message using the blogger contact form for pricing. I also accept payment of tea, MTG cards, art supplies (see wishlist below) fossils, books, weird and oddball trinkets (I like the barter system) and I tend to be pretty flexible.

This portion is to let you know how I approach things from a legal standpoint. The FTC has very clear guidelines about how to let my reader's know that some of the things I review were sent to me for reviewing purposes rather than purchased with my own money, this is to protect the consumers and businesses, as well as to make sure you as a reader know that the opinions are my own rather than being paid for by businesses.

Previously my disclosure was located on the side-bar of my blog, but experience has taught me that this is only available when looking at my blog directly and not from mobile devices or feed readers, thus making it unclear to my reader where the tea came from. Disclosures will be added to the bottom of each review stating where the tea came from and how I received it, though I hope to add this to all my past reviews, there are over 800 of them so this might take a bit. If you have questions about an unlabeled tea and where it came from please do not hesitate to ask!

Regardless if the tea was sent to me from a company, won in a contest, gifted, traded, or bought by me, it will be treated the same way. I will not give a tea sent for review a better treatment than one I bought myself, when they enter the tea desk they are all treated equally. Of course there is the caveat that I am not here to tell you what tea is good and what tea isn't, my goal is to express my experience with it through sensory feedback and hopefully inspire the readers to either try it themselves or look for teas with similar profiles. Tastes are a very subjective thing, and as I have learned from tastings with other people, one man's freshly broken hay is another's barn floor.

Financial Compensation
Another important thing to note is I do not receive financial compensation for the reviews on this blog, the only compensation I receive is the tea itself. I do have a donation button for anyone who wishes to support the blog financially, and on one occasion a business used this, but this was stated in the tea reviewed and will, of course, be stated on any future reviews where this might occur. Any ads run on the blog do not give me a financial kickback, only a discount for future tea purchases.

If you like what I do and want to send along some sort of financial aid there is a donate button. I also have an amazon wishlist loaded with art supplies and Tea loot I need for various projects.



  1. Hi,
    I'd like to donate and also looking for further advertising options, please get in touch

    1. Hi Feroz, Thanks for your interest in the blog! I typically do not run advertisement on the blog, letting the reviews I write act as their own advertisement. As for donations, there is a button to push at the bottom of this post it on the main page in the side bar. Thanks so much!