Welcome To The Blog! An Indroduction

Congrats, you have stumbled onto my little whimsical corner of the internet. If this is your first time, allow me to introduce exactly what it is I write about:

I love tea, it shapes my life in so many ways. Here you will find my reviews of teas that I have been fortunate to try, be it samples sent by friendly tea companies, gifts, or purchased by me. My goal is to give an honest review of the tea that I am drinking, and hopefully help you find a new favorite tea! I like to experiment with different brewing methods for different teas, Western Brewing, Gongfu, Iced Tea, and so on. I use a myriad of various tea tools because having a collection of tea tools is awesome. Just keep in mind, taste is subjective! A favorite quote 'Give ten tea tasters the same tea and they will taste eleven different things' just goes to show that there is no right or wrong way to taste a tea. I also review tea themed things like books, tea gear, tea shops, and occasional tea food.

I am a total geek. I Role Play, hoard dice, play board games and wargames, read fantasy and sci-fi, obsess over Minecraft, and like getting into long winded rants about Superheroes. This will quite frequently show up in the blog as constant pop-culture and geek references, the occasional rambling post about a new Minecraft texture pack on the Xbox, or if I get really adventurous an occasional book review. I also fall nicely into the other spectrum of geekery: obsessing over science, nature, and an obsession with collecting knowledge.

I am a very arts and crafts oriented person, I will dabble in pretty much any art I can get my hands into, but mostly I focus on Miniature Painting, Origami, Nature Photography, and the occasional Traditional art. The miniature painting also falls into the geek category since I am painting my various armies and gaming characters!

So that is my blog in a nutshell! I hope you enjoy and find a new favorite tea, geek out, or find crafty inspiration! You might notice I do not run ads on my blog, I could be using them to drive in a little revenue to support my sickly unemployed self, but I find them distracting and don't want to push them on people. But if you do feel so inclined to support the blog and the blogger who rambles, there is a donation button.
 Enjoy your tea and geekery!


  1. Teawithainee had a comment from you and so I am here doing the same. I am unemployed also; I do need to find work because I have too many bills piling and this is hurting my marriage. I came to be a blogger because it was suggested to me.I was researching teas for a book that I was wanting to write but it turned out that I am not a writer in the real sense. Anyhow, I lost my apartment and moved with my in-laws for several years. We paid down some of our bills and tried to find an apartment but because I continue to spend this made it difficult.

    I have spent so much time on the computer putting my face into everything that I got lost in it and employers forgot all about me; but not creditors. They put my name and phone number on collections, so I receive many phone calls and some are not warrant to be made mention of. I get call from the FBI, from all parts of the country and sometime when I try to return the call, the number dial is no longer in service is the message that I receive. So I am harassed for phone sex and the likes.

    I also volunteer for charity and raised money and walk for such charities as Walk for Hunger and AIDS Action Committee's AIDS Walk. Dealing with these organizations at times they are not nice, in my opinion. They would say other wise. I mean people all cheat.

    I was thinking to close my tea blog since it is not going anywhere. I was told by this mental health counselor that it is a hobby and somehow this hurt my feelings. I have self published with no sales and I have been blogging for several years and all she could say is that it is a hobby. I wonder if she has ever written anything; if she has ISBN ascribed to her name? But this is not the point, another thing I was told.

    Life is the way it is; and it will not change for me. It is I who must fess up and take the bad medicine. I don't know if this will publish or not.

    I see your site is lovely because you seem to know how to set it up and have interaction. Mine has none; or it gets derogatory comments the likes of zombies and this is not nice in my opinion.

    I am scarred that I may be homeless one day with no where to turn to for help because all the world cares about is your ethnicity. We don't chose this but it is held against us time and again. How fair is that?

  2. Hey there! Just found your blog and had to leave a comment! I wish I was mentioning my geeky side (I run rpgbooster.com), but I'm actually here to see if you wanted to support our tea project.

    We're making tea tins shaped as books and place tea inside that is inspired by the novels on the cover. So far we have Don QuixoTea, War & Peach and The Picture of Earl Grey, but we have plans for many more.

    Would be honored if you send us a pun or feature us on your blog!


    Best wishes,
    Dustdown (aka Jorgen aka Alabast)