Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafty Day!

So once again it is Saturday, my day to kick back and ramble about whatever. I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK!!! I don't get it often, but when I do it is always a royal pain. Instead of writing I want to be folding my paper or working on my drawing.
This drawing, oh man, so much work to much shading and detail
 I have been so into my crafty stuff this week that my brain has turned to mush. It could also be because I am pooped after going to the grocery store with my mom today. It was packed and I got a bit overloaded, do you guys ever get that when shopping in a super busy place? Usually I just block all the noise out by wearing my headphones and cranking the music (and sometimes dancing/singing because I am like that) but I realized my new Kindle Fire doesn't fit in my pocket. My mom gave me one of her old mp3 players, so in the future that problem will be fixed. Now I need to make the perfect 4GB playlist!
So this has been my last two days :P
So, in case you are curious, I have been really into making Paolo Bascetta Stars, they really look best with duo paper. I am also making a bunch of Mette Unit wreathes as possible tree ornaments, a good use for some paper that I had too few of for my standard 30 unit origami. And of course I am always making Sonobe Icosahedra, Skeletal Dodecahedra, and PHiZZ spiky balls. I adore how the PHiZZ units and the units for the Skeletal Dodecahedron are essentially the same thing with a few extra folds...boom, it goes from dodecahedron to icosahedron. Folds are fun, and now I am going to get back to them while sipping on some tea.

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